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Our most popular service is mastering of singles and albums for digital distribution. This is the final polish for your finished and mixed release. The purpose of mastering is to provide a final critical listen to your project so that any mix errors may be corrected and, typically, to increase the loudness, fullness and punch of your mixes so that they match other contemporary commercially released music.

When sending your song(s) for mastering you should provide:

Our rates for mastering are very competitive. Feel free to contact us directly with any additional questions.


This often-overlooked stage of your production is critical to creating a professional final product. Mastering is the final step but needs a high quality mix to get great results. Good mixing goes beyond the technical aspects to bring out the emotion, energy, depth, and tangibility which is intended but so often missed in many productions today. We offer a full range of mixing services, from single tracks to full-length projects.

We can also mix partial elements in your song. Having trouble getting your acoustic drum tracks to hit hard? Send them our way, and we'll send you back a finished drum stem for your project. Need help with the less-than-perfect vocals you received? We'll help you get that vocal up to snuff so that you have a great vocal stem to work with in your track.

As with mastering, we offer very competitive rates. Feel free to contact us directly to discuss how we can help your project.

Mastering From Stems

This is the same service as standard mastering except that instead of providing a single fully mixed track you may provide a small number of stems or group tracks. It can be thought of as a halfway point between full mixing and mastering.

Rates for stem mastering vary by project complexity.

Additional Services

Sometimes a producer or mixer wants to maintain as much creative control as possible and do everything themselves, but keep getting stuck with that one element that just doesn't sound up to spec. From mixing a pro vocal stem for your production to fixing unwanted clicks and pops on a single audio track, we can help you achieve a top tier production while staying in the drivers seat.

Contact us directly for more details.


A few of our past and current clients...

5 Reasons Moscow, Russia
AEM Dominican Republic
AIMES Brooklyn, United States
Alison Valentine New York, United States
Ardency Jacksonville, United States
Bearmountain Vancouver, Canada
Bearstonaut Boston, United States
Box Of Wolves Winnipeg, Canada
Broke One Milan, Italy
Bufi Paris, France
Caleb L'Etoile Washington DC, United States
Cedek Atlanta, United States
Chad Hatcher Halifax, Canada
Chris Clouse San Francisco, United States
Convaire Sydney, Australia
Coral Castle California, United States
Country Club Disco Detroit, United States
Cyclist Toronto, Canada
Dan Solo Mexico City, Mexico
Dany Kole Moscow, Russia
Dart Party New York, United States
DeltaFoxx Brasilia, Brazil
Dino Soccio Los Angeles, United States
Discotexas Lisbon, Portugal
DJ Vice Los Angeles, United States
Dualist Inquiry New Delhi, India
Elandh Santiago, Chile
Eric Martin Dartmouth, Canada
Falcon Punch Denver, United States
Floodland Dartmouth, Canada
Freak You Antibes, France
Frnchm Toronto, Canada
Funkhameleon Finland
Future Feelings Mexico
Futurewife Seattle, United States
Ghost Beach New York, United States
Ghosts of Venice Los Angeles, United States
Glass Lux Chicago, United States
Goldroom Los Angeles, United States
Grouplove Los Angeles, United States
GRUM Leeds, United Kingdom
HAIM Los Angeles, United States
Holy Ghost! New York, United States
Holy Nothing Porto, Portugal
IDYLL Chicago, United States
Intermodal Chicago, United States
Issamin Melbourne, Australia
Jay Lamar Helsinki, Finland
Jesse Oliver Helsinki, Finland
Jonjo Jury London, United Kingdom
Justin Faust Munich, Germany
Karl Kling Portland, United States
Keljet Nijmegen, Netherlands
Kraak & Smaak Leiden, Netherlands
Krystal Klear Manchester, United Kingdom
Lady Gaga New York, United States
Le Collage Athens, Greece
Le Touch Lads Ciudad de México, Mexico
Le Youth Los Angeles, United States
Leebo Freeman Manchester, United Kingdom
Lissat Cologne, Germany
Listro London, United Kingdom
Malente Germany
Miami Horror Melbourne, Australia
Mirror People Lisbon, Portugal
Moon Boots United States
Moullinex Lisbon, Portugal
Mr Maen Trondheim, Norway
Natural Animal Toronto, Canada
Night Drive Texas, United States
Off Da Clock Austin Texas, United States
On The Fruit Antibes, France
option4 Denver, United States
Palm Off Seoul, South Korea
Paradisko Hannover, Germany
Passing Bliss Moscow, Russia
Pat Lok Vancouver, Canada
Patrick Baker Nashville, United States
Pelifics Oslo, Norway
PMCPlive Paris, France
Punks Jump Up London, United Kingdom
PWNDTIAC Leipzig, Germany
RAC Portland, United States
Rich Aucoin Halifax, Canada
Rogue Vogue Chicago, United States
Royce Seoul, South Korea
Sam Padrul Chicago, United States
Sir Sly Los Angeles, United States
Skyler Gross New York, United States
Slaptop San Francisco, United States
Soho Ghetto Halifax, Canada
Solheiro Mexico City, Mexico
Step Rockets Minneapolis, United States
Tcabby Arizona, United States
Terror Pigeon Nashville, United States
Terry Allen California, United States
The 1975 Manchester, United Kingdom
The Knocks New York, United States
The Villars Saint-Peterburg, Russia
Thero Palm Beach, United States
TouchTone Los Angeles, United States
Tracee Owo New York, United States
Treasure Fingers Atlanta, United States
Viceroy San Francisco, United States
Vindata Los Angeles, United States
Voltaxx Cologne, Germany
Xinobi Lisbon, Portugal
Young Summer Washington DC, United States
Zari Stokes United States
Zimmer Paris, France

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