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Typical turn around time for mastering of singles and EPs is 2-3 business days, 1 week for LPs. We can also usually do rush jobs for a minimal fee. We offer special reduced rates for indie releases. Contact us for full details.

Our most popular service is mastering of singles and albums for digital distribution. This is the final polish for your finished and mixed release. The purpose of mastering is to provide a final critical listen to your project so that any mix errors may be corrected and, typically, to increase the loudness, fullness and punch of your mixes so that they match other contemporary commercially released music.

When sending your song(s) for mastering you should provide:

HD & MFiT Mastering

The time has finally come to move beyond the archaic 16bit 44.1khz CD quality audio standard. We are equipped and certified to provide high resolution masters that meet the archival standards of the future.

Moustache Mastering is certified by Apple for delivery of Mastered For iTunes high definition masters under their MFiT program.

Contact us for full details on MFiT & HD mastering.


We offer special reduced rates for indie releases. Contact us for full details.

Often neglected or treated as a part of a song's production and recording, a full mixing process is critical to creating a professional final product. Mastering is the final step, but it needs a high quality mix to get great results. Good mixing goes beyond the technical aspects to bring out the emotion, energy, depth, and tangibility which is intended but so often missed in many productions today. We offer a full range of mixing services, from single tracks to full-length projects.

We can also mix partial elements in your song. Having trouble getting your acoustic drum tracks to hit hard? Send them our way, and we'll send you back a finished drum stem for your project. Need help with the less-than-perfect vocals you received? We'll help you get that vocal up to snuff so that you have a great vocal stem to work with in your track.

Mastering From Stems

We offer special reduced rates for indie releases. Rate is dependent on the number of stems. Contact us for full details.

This is the same service as standard mastering except that instead of providing a single fully mixed track you may provide a small number of stems or group tracks. It can be thought of as a halfway point between full mixing and mastering.

Additional Services

Sometimes a producer or mixer wants to maintain as much creative control as possible and do everything themselves, but keep getting stuck with that one element that just doesn't sound up to spec. From mixing a pro vocal stem for your production to fixing unwanted clicks and pops on a single audio track, we can help you achieve a top tier production while staying in the drivers seat.

Contact us directly for more details.

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