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Our most popular service is mastering of singles and albums for digital distribution. This is the final polish for your finished and mixed release. The purpose of mastering is to provide a final critical listen to your project so that any mix errors may be corrected and, typically, to increase the loudness, fullness and punch of your mixes so that they match other contemporary commercially released music.

When sending your song(s) for mastering you should provide:

Our rates for mastering are very competitive. Feel free to contact us directly with any additional questions.

Mastering From Stems

This is the same service as standard mastering except that instead of providing a single fully mixed track you may provide a small number of stems or group tracks.

Rates for stem mastering vary by project complexity.


We offer a full range of mixing services, from full track mixing to vocal mixing so that you have a great vocal stem to work with in your track.

As with mastering, we offer very competitive rates. Feel free to contact us directly to discuss how we can help your project.


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Current and past clients are also welcome to contact us by phone.